Report: UFC adding real-time, MLB-style stats to live event broadcasts

During any given at-bat, Major League Baseball (MLB) fans know just how may pitches are thrown to each batter, how many strikes or foul balls have been incurred, and just how far away the pitcher is from giving up a walk.

That’s because the broadcast features live stats, showing viewers — in real time — every offensive and defensive statistic, a data feature that will be ported over to mixed martial arts (MMA) later this year.

That’s according to a report from New York Post.

“We’re working on a lot of stats,” UFC president Dana White told audience members at the recent Cannes Lions marketing bash. “We want to see the best knockout, its perfect for social media.”

Data sensors will be installed on shorts and gloves, as well as inside the arena, which eliminates the need to have some production plebe planted cageside with a radar gun — unless he’s there uploading smiley faces and poop emoticons.

“We’re going to start creating videos from it that will be shareable with emojis,” UFC owner Ari Emanuel added. “We’re about six months away from that.”

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